Thursday, October 1, 2009

Silent Trails Of Life

As the wind blows away the last portion of day light,
Darkness slowly descends upon a land filled with life.
Such is life that quietly embarks on a journey,
That only the faint rustle of twigs and leaves can be heard
On the silent trails of life.

The star lite night guides many forms of life,
In search of play, water and food.
The quiet stiring about causes one to wonder,
How is it that man can be so empowered to destory
Life's habitat of natural resources
On the silent trails of life?

Government legislation.
Government rules and regulations.
Government agencies like the BLM, Forest Service
And the National Parks System,
All allowed to endorse avenues of economical adventures,
That continue to ruin cultural and natural resources
On the silent trails of life.

Mankind without cause,
Is without human respect.
In the balance of time,
Humans will venture into the 21st century,
Leaving behind them centuries of undue care
As they continue to embark on a journey of greed
That they call progress.
All the while the environment becomes
Filled with waste and unnecessary destruction
To the silent trails of life.

Help save your environment.
It is your culture.
It is your heritage.
Speak for those who can not talk,
For like you they to are losing
The silent trails of life.

Help Save the Environment before it's too late.


Larry Kibby, Elko Indian Colony

Nurul & Nurul

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